Pilsener Haus Biergarten in Hoboken, NJ

Total Bill: $93.12 for three

Beer Garden - Steak Tartar

We found a slice of Brooklyn in Hoboken, just three blocks away from our apartment. Pilsener Haus & Biergarten offers the best of both worlds, with an extensive beer menu, tons of space and the best beer garden food I’ve had.

On a warm summer weekday, you’ll see strollers and kids running around. But that doesn’t take away from the dedication to good German beers and food. They say you have to get the pretzel, and it doesn’t disappoint.

Fresh and buttery, with a crispy skin and spongy dough within. Their house dipping sauce is unlike any other, which isn’t to say you won’t want to alternate between that and the other container of dense spicy mustard.

Beer Garden - Pretzel Beer Garden - GoulashBeer Garden - Beef ShoulderBut my favorite was my own beef tartar, a dish that admittedly requires a bit of naturally acquired taste to enjoy. But they mash it up just enough to form it into a patty-like slab, served with crispy toast points and juicy pickle.

Kimmy got the goulash and Jay a huge serving of beef shoulder. These are hearty, not for the faint of heart, and not something you see on every beer garden menu.

Pilsener’s not far from Lincoln Tunnel, but it’s a gem we’d like to keep secret before all the beer garden-goers start to invade this spacious hall.


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