Total Bill: $80.00 for two

Bubby's Sour Cream Pancakes

After nearly two years, Jay and I finally got our butts down to City Hall at 8:15 am last Friday and got ourselves our marriage license.

The process was surprisingly quick, which left us time to celebrate with a little breakfast nearby. We were close to my old Citi stomping grounds, which meant good ‘ole Bubby’s was just around the corner. Somehow, it brought back fond memories of those beautiful spring and summer weekends, when we had to drag ourselves to work, finding solace in a good hearty breakfast at Bubby’s.

It’s nothing fancy, just good old fashioned food. I’ll admit it’s a tad on the pricey end, but you pay for the hand-crafted nature of this place.

Your orange juice will be freshly squeezed. Your biscuits completed just moments ago. Indeed, those biscuits were (and still are) the highlight of the meal.

Bubby's BiscuitsBubby's Bloody MaryBubby's Breakfast

I always got the Bubby’s Breakfast, and it’s no different nearly five years later. I get it with poached eggs (pretty ordinary) and grits with cheese (so, so great). If you want pancakes, get the griddle that Jay got. They’re nice and airy, and whatever sauce you get will be house-made not artificially syrupy.

Tribeca’s not a place that many in Manhattan frequent regularly, but it should be on a bright spring day so enjoy the cobblestone streets and longstanding community gems like Bubby’s.


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