The Marrow

Total Bill: $72.00 for two

The Marrow - Brioche Foie Gras Mousse

Harold Dieterle cozies up in the West Village with his latest venture, The Marrow.

I can’t call this a full review since brunch there doesn’t offer a full-on version of its namesake item. But let’s just call this part one, of hopefully many more trips to come.

The Marrow - Trout Roe Potato CakeBrunch is quaint. The menu limited, but in a quality-over-quantity sort of way.

Plating is simplistic, but warm. Flavors are straightforward, but singular.

My brioche was lathered in a sweet raspberry compote, nothing spectacular until you spread the foie gras mousse. Then you’ll wonder how you can ever have peanut butter and jelly on your toast ever again. Or for that matter, why you don’t see it paired with fries, fruit, salads, anything.

The Marrow - Poached Eggs

The trout roe was beautiful too. Not as pungent as salmon roe, but still offers that punch of salt on the crispy potato cake they’re serve on top of.

Kim’s poached eggs were as translucent as they can come. They’re on par with those at Telepan on the upper east and the ones in Momofuku’s soups.

Portions are restrained, but enough to leave you wanting just a little more. I’m surprised to see plenty of seating on a pleasant Saturday early afternoon, so get in while you can.


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