Casa Mono

Total Bill: $205 for four

Casa Mono - Mackerel

Tapas for brunch or lunch is ideal for someone like me who has bipolar disorder when it comes to midday cravings.

Savory, sweet, spicy, tangy, you can get a bit of it all through a range of small plates — especially here at Casa Mono where flavors are intense and selection wide.

Casa Mono - Corn Grits and SquidCasa Mono - Patatas BravasCasa Mono - Rabbit

Our table’s choice selections included grilled baby squid in their entirety on a pillow of fine local-corn grits surrounding a translucent poached egg. Delicate on all layers, but so very robust in flavor.

Like the grits, nothing on our table was short on flavor, some perhaps even overreaching. Depending on how heavy you like it, the side of patatas bravas, still crispy, was drenched in a deep tang coating. The cubes of rabbit had no trace of gaminess in a salty marinade.

Casa Mono

But regardless of your taste buds, the pork charcuterie and terrine board is a must-try, a finely curated board of meats and cheeses.

Another standout was the plate of gooey paella croquettes  topped with a melting slice of uni.

All that said, Casa Mono isn’t for the faint of heart. Be prepared for in-your-face flavors and unrestrained seasoning, good for anyone who wants to branch out of choosing between a burger or salad. That’s also the beauty of lunching on Irving Place, with plenty of places to stroll off the calories afterwards.

Casa Mono - Uni Croquettes


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