Lady M Cake Boutique

Lady M Cake Boutique - Green Tea Mille Crepe 9 Inch Cake

Happy 29th Birthday Jay!

This year, we went a full 180 from his rambunctious Ruthies football cake to a delicately refined mille crepe cake from Lady M Confections.

Order cakes the morning before so you can pick it up at their upper east side boutique cafe. But sometimes they order extras so you can try your luck and pick up day-of.

It’s a pristine little shop, with a glass covered display of their cakes and tarts. Glimpsing into the rest of the shop, there’s just over a dozen or so tables for seating, drawing mostly that post-shopping Thursday evening crowd.

The mille crepe cake is a specialty of theirs, and the green tea version was perfect for celebrating with Jay’s family. About 20 thin-as-paper crepes stacked atop one another, each separated by an equally thin sheet of green-tea pastry creme spread. That’s all topped of with a generous dusting of green tea powder.

The whole thing oozes natural green tea flavor, balanced so thoughtfully with the sweetened creme-crepe combo. If i were to nitpick, it could use a touch less creme, as I found myself scrapping past those layers to get to the crepes. Still, altogether, each slice comes out spongy, as light as air and a refreshing departure from your everyday celebratory cake.

Lady MLady M Cake Boutique - Green Tea Mille Crepe Cake SliceLady M Cake Boutique - Green Tea Mille Crepe Cake


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