In the Kitchen: Garlic Cheddar Biscuits

We hosted Thanksgiving in Hoboken this year and here’s Part I of our baking adventures.

With Kim’s help, it’s safe to say our sides and desserts came out more successful than if I flew solo. But anyway, first up are the garlic cheddar biscuits courtesy of Gimme Some Oven.

I’d call this one the easiest of our Thanksgiving cooking endeavors this year, but also, for me, the tastiest must-have at any fall feast.

Ingredients are basic — Biquick biscuit mix, cheddar cheese, milk and garlic powder. The melted butter with oregano and garlic salt mix gets brushed on after they’re baked. We doubled the measurements below, which yielded 24 biscuits.

Note: In the future, I plan on adding a dash of baking soda for a fluffier result.

Baking takes no more than 15 minutes, nice and short for a busy day in the kitchen where nearly every dish commands use of the oven.

Appetizer, side or even a post-meal munchie, these were so simple yet added so much punch to our Thanksgiving meal.


2 cups buttermilk biscuit mix
1 cup grated cheddar cheese
1/2 tsp. garlic powder
2/3 cup milk
2 Tbsp. butter, melted
2 tsp. dried oregano
1/4 tsp. garlic salt


Preheat oven to 400 degrees. Prepare a baking sheet with cooking spray.

In a large bowl, mix together biscuit mix, cheese and garlic powder. Add in milk, and stir until well mixed. (dough will get very sticky!)

With a spoon or with your fingers, shape the dough into biscuit-sized clumps, and drop onto the baking sheet.

Bake for 10-13 minutes, or until biscuits begin to brown slightly around the edges.

While the biscuits bake, mix the melted butter, oregano and garlic salt in a small bowl. As soon as the biscuits are removed from the oven, brush the biscuits (while they are still on the baking sheet) with the mixture until they are well-coated.


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