Sushi of Gari 46

Total Bill: $544 for four

The omakase at the Sushi of Gari is literally priceless.

With no dollar value attached, you put your faith in the sushi chef. And without fail, this place will deliver with never-before-seen sushi and sashimi creations.

This isn’t just your run-of-the-mill slice of fish over rice sort of restaurant. And it goes beyond guaranteeing quality. Each item presents a twist, really impossible for me to describe and something you should just experience at least once.

For instance, mom loved the soft, boiled down tomato that came atop the salmon sashimi. It’s not hot enough to cook the fish or change its texture, but let’s just call it a mind-boggling oxymoron of a creation that I’ve yet to find paralleled in all my days.

A close contender is the crab-string sushi, melded into a single sashimi-like slice, topped with a melting mound of uni. For lovers of untainted sushi, you’d appreciate the two slabs of pristine fatty toro that came in our first serving, just two glistening pieces of sushi that sinks into your taste buds like they had just come right out of the water.

Jay, being the rebel that he is, opted for the salmon teriyake. A surprisingly well-priced $23 for a tremendous serving of thoroughly seasoned fish. The easy-to-dry salmon was anything but. The skin was crispy while every layer within was luscious.

We also shared my mom’s go-to Japanese dish — the kama. It’s the chin and cheek of the hamachi fish, a delectable smattering of meat if cooked right. And naturally, Gari does it with care. Again a decent portion for its price, left largely untainted to let its natural flavors shine.

Those were the standouts for our table, and I should note that for the omakase, most of us put in preferences to stay away from clams, squid and octopus. And as it turns out, priceless hits the wallet to the tune of about $10 per slice.


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