Talk about originality! Kim and I went to Acme, buried deep in my old NYU stomping grounds. Its facade is the same as its cajun predecessor, but inside, you’re swept away to an altogether different land.

The warm lighting, cozy setting is ideal for a post-work Friday evening get together. But best of all, the menu. It’s one that’s worth reading through carefully and mulling over repeatedly as you’ll one to try everything.

So let me jump right in. First, the raw foie gras. How often do you see this? The photo here looks like a dry piece of chicken, but that’s the farthest thing from it. In its uncooked state, there’s less of a smokiness to it. But any foie gras lover would be able appreciate the truffle-like richness and melt-in-your mouth texture in untarnished form.

Next to that, the country toast topped the list for me. A melding of nectarine, brie, caramelized onions and honey on top of crunchy bread. Cut into four smaller slices, each one packs a punch — a great appetizer to share.

We also shared the pickled vegetables, a colorful plate of white anchovies wrapped in cucumbers and carrots. The vinegar pooped through the fish, but was a bit lacking in the veggies.

The grainy risotto was probably the most substantive dish, but also a great share if you go family style to begin with. Chunks of juicy lobster makes this unlike any other, plus the generous layer of dill on top to if it to give it that herbal touch.

I saved these three, in my mind the most unique, for last. You’ll see the Farmer’s Egg ordered at most tables across the restaurant. Delicately pureed cauliflower with aromatic aged parmesan poured in top-opened egg shells, in a nest like bamboo dish. There are only a few savory spoonfuls of this concoction, leaving you scraping the bottom of the egg.

To top it all off, their desserts were perhaps the most breathtaking. The sweet corn ice cream and puree — it’s real kernels of corn, riddled with caramel corn. The saltiness and the caramel are so key to this creation, which I could eat every day of the week. Corn ice cream isn’t unheard of, but the authenticity and freshness here is unparalleled.

Then there’s the fresh strawberries with sheep’s milk and goat’s milk ice cream. It comes out looking like slices of mozzarella on top of juicy cross-sectioned strawberries. The creaminess is paired with a subtle sweetness that’ll make you think why you ever settled for whipped cream with your fruit.


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