Holey Cream

Holey Cream! Just when you think you’ve seen it all in New York.

Ok, this place isn’t new, and it might take calorie counting to an extreme, but when it comes to that one night you’re allowing yourself to indulge, go big with a custom donut ice cream sandwich. That’s what they’re known for here, splitting a donut down the middle like a bagel and plopping in three mega scoops of ice cream, uninhibitedly topped with anything from hot pink sprinkles or gummy bears, to fruity loops or M&Ms.

Last Saturday wasn’t one of those nights for me. But fear not, they’re just as serious about their ice cream.

We had a scoop of the Milky Way, which tasted just like a Milky Way in frozen form. We also tried the peanut butter chocolate and, my favorite, the red velvet cake ice cream.

Somehow the icy cold doesn’t make the chunks of red velvet cake folded in any less fluffy. Can’t dispute the fact that it’s sweet, but not as gratuitously so as some of their other concoctions, like the caramel cookie dough or butterscotch praline.

It’s a once-every-several-months sort of place to visit. Or perhaps more if you live nearby – they probably had more deliver orders in the five minutes we were there than the customers waiting in line. Check out their website, set up for easy online ordering.


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