Out of Town: The Mochi Store in New Haven, CT

$1.50 per mochi

During a dinner pit stop in New Haven on our way to the Rhode Island clamming house, Cecil brought Paige, Derrick, Jay and I to a cute little ice cream mochi shop that offers these Japanese confections in flavors beyond your wildest dreams.

It’s a wonder why you don’t see more of these variations given the growing popularity of this Asian originated dessert in the States. From American-friendly chocolate and pistachio to more-rousing lychee and sakura rose, this place has them. The colorful assortment comes from Bubbies out of Hawaii, reaching far beyond the vanilla and green tea flavors you normally find at restaurants.

The one most notable to me was the sakura, which had a really lovely subtle sake-like tint to it. It’s sweet, but not overly so, making it quite different from the bold, punchy flavors of the other ones we had. The strawberry was super aromatic, and the chocolate really rich.

The one negative I’d say is how they’re served straight out of the freezer. That requires you to wait a few minutes for the gummy rice wrap to loosen because it’s too tough to bite through. It’s still fresh when it softens but it’s no fun to have to wait.


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