Three years since I’ve seen this guy, and nothing has changed. When Jack’s around, it means we’re bound to eat good food.

We enjoyed a lazy brunch at Recette, tucked away in his old West Village “stomping grounds” back in our NYU days.

It takes a slice right out of suburban life, but doesn’t lose a bit of urban gusto. Everything from the food and place settings, to music and atmosphere is simple — but not to be confused with plain.

These elements are thoughtfully planned out — including their short but smart menu — that makes for a very wholesome experience.

I had the heirloom tomato and mushroom toasted sandwich with crispy bacon and fresh arugula and side of seasoned fries. The whole thing really packs a punch and you’d this it’s messy to eat, but it’s not. The mushroom is what pushes this beyond your typical brunch sandwich, subtle but a vital counterbalance to the salty bacon.

Then I couldn’t resist the cheesy grits, which comes out with a mini iron cast pot. It’s heavy so the small portion is appropriate.

It’s Little Owl-esque, but a more boiled-down version that gets to the heart of good food.


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