Cornelia Street Cafe

Mild summers make for wonderfully relaxing outdoor dinners in the West Village. And you can’t find a friendlier place than Cornelia Street Cafe.

It’s quintessentially West Village and from the rickety chairs to cozy spacing, it’s just all part of the vibe you have to embrace to enjoy dining in this uber-New Yorky neighborhood.

I had the spinach and grilled pear salad with toasted walnuts, shaved parmesan and dried cranberry vinaigrette. Light but substantial. Subtle but flavorful. It could even really go without the dressing given the natural sweetness that comes out of the warm peaches.

I also had the flat crust pizza spread loosely with gooey mozzarella cheese, basil, roasted garlic, mesclun greens and, my favorite, the mouth puckering black olives.

Each dish had a distinct smokiness to it, something that makes you just want to slow down and enjoy the scene as much as the food.

Meals here may not be extraordinary from what you’ll find in the restaurants strew across the block, but the staff here is noteworthy. And that’s really the secret sauce to longevity in this town.


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