The Turning Point in Hoboken, NJ

It’s the Moonstruck of Hoboken! Just add an exceptional view of the water and city-scape over the pier, especially peaceful to take in on a bright Sunday morning.

Brunch at The Turning Point is definitely the place to be on the weekends, overflowing with locals. There’s a grab-and-go news & cafe next door for those in a rush, perhaps before catching a ferry at the station across the street.

I had the Wilbur Skillet ($8.50) — poached eggs in a medley of home fry potatoes, avocado and tomato, all tied together with melted monterey jack cheese. In of sign of how busy their kitchen gets, they actually ran out of bacon! So my dish included breakfast sausages instead of crushed bacon.

They only do breakfast and lunch, so this type of laid back cuisine is what they do. So while it’s basic, it more than does its job as warm, comforting, hearty diner food.

There’s actually a bit of that Water Mill, Hampton-y feel when you’re sitting by the whitewashed window sill, looking out at the quiet car-less street. Except, being in Jersey, the prices are much easier on the wallet.


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