Chikalicious Dessert Club: Revisited

It’s easy to get greedy here. A Charlie and the chocolate factory sort of experience.

Each selection is nicely sized and unique in their own right. So wanting just a little taste of everything is natural.

But the law of diminishing utility is great here, as well. Be wary of the cute, individually packaged orders as they aren’t messing around with their sweets.

I would set aside the cupcakes, however tempting, for their ice cream — my favorite being their soft serve affogato with crunchy chocolate pearls. The ice cream melts fast here, but a sign that it’s not loaded with extra cream and fat.

The souffle isn’t anything out of the ordinary, though skillfully prepared. I actually prefer the “adult” chocolate pudding that presents a subtle but important difference from any other pudding cup. There’s a tinge of dark-chocolate bitterness, a nice departure from the traditional sweetness, which leaves a nice, warm aftertaste.


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