Sarge’s Deli

Total Bill: $45.00 for two

Our last meal as Manhattan residents couldn’t be more quintessentially New York.

Sarge’s Deli was conveniently located on 3rd ave. and 36th street, by our last apartment. It’s your good old neighborhood delicatessen, classic pastrami and corned beef sandwiches with free pickles and slaw to start.

It’s as authentic as you can get — not just the food but that neighborly vibe that takes generations of staying power to establish. You’ll even find folks that have been sitting there playing cards for hours on end.

Jay had the pastrami on rye and I the beef brisket open sandwich on potato pancake with gravy. There’s no entree there that’s not immensely filling, really enough to serve as two. Great for late night, or just a relaxed, laid back meal. It’s hard to go wrong at such time-honored places, still open year around, 24/7, and delivers all around the island.


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