Bin 14 in Hoboken, NJ

Total Bill: $85.00 for two

Take one of those exposed-brick type bars from the West Village, fusion-inspired food from across Manhattan, and plop it down in the quaint-yet-blooming neighborhood of northern Hoboken, and you’ve got Bin 14 and it’s oh-so-satisfying meld of good eats, buzzing atmosphere and friendly prices.

It’s a super convivial vibe, and even though Jay and I aren’t the most avid wine drinkers, it’s hard not to want to test at least a few from their ever-changing list.

The entree menu’s pretty fun too, with a wide selection of small eats.

We shared the tuna tartare bruschetta — not extraordinary, but nicely marinated and decently portioned. The gnocco was a bit too doughy for my taste, but nonetheless satisfying.

My favorite was the spicy lamb sausage pizza with roasted peppers and goat cheese. It comes off with a smokey sort of spice, but muffled nicely afterwards with the cheese and veggies. Jay has the mushroom risotto, hard to go wrong with that, but they serve it on the somewhat less-creamy side, which is the way I like it.

Bin 14 has three rounds of seatings for dinner, but they’re pretty accommodation at the bar for those of you just walking in. To me, it’s a comforting slice of Manhattan, just with friendly neighborhood prices.


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