Pie Face

It’s a taste of Australia packed in a perfect little box.

Pie Face landed on Broadway near work, all the way from Bondi Beach. So it was like Christmas that Friday when the orders came in, each individualized pie packed in their signature crimson cardboard box.

I had the chicken and mushroom, and it’s no dainty pot pie. It’s jam packed with chunky chicken and creamy mushroom. And of course I had to get it stacked, which means a heap of hearty mashed potato, mashed peas and gravy.

But to me, the most surprising thing is that even though it’s hearty, it doesn’t end up being heavy. Despite all those typically coma-inducing components, it’s portioned nicely and not over-sauced, so none of us ended up falling asleep at our desks.

It’s a great lunchtime dish and super convenient for group orders, but most importantly a refreshing change to the everyday soups and salads.


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