Oficina Latina

After an extreme decompressing spa session at Amore, Anny and I wandered up to Noho and found ourselves within the cozy walls of Oficina Latina.

It’s not your typical post-relaxation food, but it was equally indulgent and filled us up right into dinner time.

Probably the most unique of our orders (which to be honest we overdid a bit) was the blood sausages, or Abrebocas, with creme fraiche. This Colombian dish is an acquired taste but worth experimenting here since it comes with other more familiar components like chorizo and arepitas corn fritters.

We also shared a pot of mussels and the Recalentado, which is rice with spicy pork and bacon, topped with a sunny-side up egg. This is a Dominican Republic inspired dish, and while categorized under tapas, is punchy enough to stand as your main entree. Without that foresight, I ordered an Argentinian steak with chimichurri and chipotle sauce.

By the time this entree came out, we were so stuffed it was difficult to concentrate. Not only that but the slab was overwhelmingly excessive and pretty bland. So this I’d skip, especially since their tapas-style dishes offer so much more kick and variety. These stout flavors and corpulent portions are a great way to do a shared lunch or dinner and get a little taste of every country.

One thought on “Oficina Latina

  1. We can’t help but swoon over their selection of tapas and delectable margaritas at Oficina Latina. It’s definitely one of our favorite spots on Prince St. in NoLita. Oficina Latina is very close to a few of our rentals, so it’s always been a big attraction to NoLita apartments.

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