Biggie’s Clam Bar in Hoboken, NJ

Total Bill: $18.00 for two

It’s official. Jay and I are now New Jersey residents, and on the day of our signing, we took a brief break before stamping our lives away for lunch at Hoboken’s homey Biggie’s Clam Bar.

There was something calming and comforting about Biggie’s as our first official meal in our new neighborhood. The restaurant has obviously been around for decades, keeping a traditional touch by having you order and enjoy your meal first before paying.

Anyway, I had the half dozen baked clams oreganata — buttery and garlicy of course, but not nauseatingly so. The bread crumbs were heaped on tight and clams astoundingly fresh. Six is more than enough, as you shift between slurping the half-shells and dipping slices of fluffy bread into the aromatic juice.

Jay went for the garlic cheese steak, which was lovingly crafted, but, compared to the clams, a bit lackluster in flavor. Between the two, I’d say stick to the seafood here.

It’s bittersweet leaving Manhattan, but we’re looking forward to taking a much deeper dive into Hoboken’s culinary scene…without any expense to nyc outings of course!


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