Ai Fiori

Total Bill: $240.00 for two with cocktails

Oh goodness, where do I start. It’s around this time of year when Jay allows us to splurge on one of those one-of-a-kind dining experiences.

You usually want to do in-depth research before committing this once-a-year outing to just any restaurant. But this time, we went with one that’s been topping every critic’s lists, and it gives me great pleasure to say we weren’t disappointed.

The service at Ai Fiori was impeccable, which is really what you’re paying for at these fine establishments. But the lamb, my rack of lamb!

I’ll go straight to my entree. They had to have injected my lamb with some sort of steroid because I have never seen such voluptuous, plumped-up chops before in my life. To make it all the more luscious, each one was wrapped in a melted netting of foie gras.

This can all be a little much for one plate, but then you have the creamy panisse that clears out your palate so you can go right back to your lamb.

I was too enthralled in my lamb to try Jay’s pork loin, but my appetizer was right up there too. If you’re as big a fan of foie gras as I am, this is the dish for you.

Take the golden toasted brioche and spread a chunk of that buttery foie gras on, then top it with a slice of the almond zabaglione-stuffed poached pear. It’s one of those dishes that sparks an explosive first bite and lasts just long enough to leave you wanting more.

Jay started with a lobster soup, which is pretty difficult not to like, but nothing out of the ordinary.

Our desserts were also unique in the way they were built, but fell a tad short in flavor especially after their remarkable main courses. We got a lemon meringue, which was a sort of deconstructed version of the pie. The flavor is punchy is fails to translate into anything beyond a visually pleasant presentation.

Same goes for the chocoloate semifreddo, which emitted a sort of brackish smell.

But don’t let the forgettable sweets deter you from experiencing some of Ai Fiori’s other out-of-this-world selections.


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