The Spotted Pig

 Tina’s return always means a legitimate excuse to indulge. This time,  I didn’t try to get all fancy at The Spotted Pig by ordering game, and stuck with their bread and butter instead.

That meant the burger ($17) of course, slathered with their signature pungent Roquefort cheese. It’s very blue cheese-like, giving off an extreme saline aftertaste. You’ll get hit with that brininess on your first bite, but its unapologetic application on this landmark burger forces you to appreciate its in-your-face quality.

So to counter that boldness, we also got the kale and bacon ($8). It’s by no means lacking in flavor though. The freshness was obvious, with each leaf offering a fluffy crunch.  The bacon to kale ratio was on the light side, but it’s smart given how heavy most main dishes are.

Perhaps the most universally loved order of the night is still the gnudi ($16) though. Think gnocchi on steroids swimming in sheep’s milk ricotta and draped in brown butter and sage. It’s the perfect comfort snack on a chilly night, especially if you don’t have the stomach to take down a burger.


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