Death & Co.

Exclusivity doesn’t always mean unfriendly in the city. At least not at Death & Company.

On one of the rare quieter streets in the East Village, behind an inconspicuous panel of thick wooden planks, you’ll find one of the original New York City mixologies.

There’s a door policy that’s necessary given the bar’s limited square footage. Sure it’s also there to enforce that sense of mystery, but the process is straightforward and the guy out in front is super nice about it. He’ll take down your cell so you can go off elsewhere, and if the waitlist extends into their 2 am closing time, he’ll be upfront about it so you don’t waste the night hanging around nearby.

Anyhow, the important thing is that there’s a cocktail here for everyone. Take your favorite base liquor and you’ll find a variety of unique mixtures incorporating different purees, syrups and juices. Whatever you get will really be one of a kind, stirred or shaken with attention and care.

For something on the sweeter side, I’m a big fan of the punches. Each order is made for four to six, but not too much for two if you’re willing to stick to the same drink–which I doubt will be the case once you get a load of the plethora of other creations on the menu.

It’s impossible to rehash the entire list here–plus, what you end up liking will largely depend on personal taste. But what I will add is that while it’s all about the drinks here, the food is far from mediocre–namely those truffle fries and pulled pork sliders.


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