Out of Town: Joe’s Farm Grill in Gilbert, AZ

The whole farm-to-table concept might be booming in Manhattan, but when there’s a limited amount of space, a restaurant can only go so far.

That’s why our little family trip to Joe’s Farm Grill near by parent’s new house in Gilbert, AZ was a much fuller experience (not to mention a lot cheaper).

The restaurant tries to source most of its ingredients from nearby farms, collectively called Agritopia, including one that’s right down the plot. They use property pretty efficiently, planting as much as they can along walkways and around the outdoor seating area.

Naturally, this all yields pretty fresh, tasty dishes. Mom, dad, Jay, grandma and I shared a wide-ranging order from fried zucchini ($4.99) and a bacon blue cheese burger ($9.49) to an ahi tuna sandwich ($12.99) and full rack of baby back ribs ($19.99).

The food is simple, but done with a sense of instinctive ease. No frills, no over thinking. Just a nice, solid meal. I will say that the seasonal pumpkin milkshake was a tad sweet, but completely forgivable since it tasted astonishingly just like pumpkin.

The only glitch may have been the OM, with a line running out the door leading to one window that takes orders. This might be more widely accepted in New York City for the likes of Shake Shack, but seems a little out of place for Gilbert, Arizona. Nevertheless, too many hungry customers is only a good problem to have, and easily solved as the Shack has done with their shake-only fast lane.


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