East End Kitchen

Total Bill: $60.00 for two

It’s your friendly neighborhood Sunday morning brunch spot, glowing with its pristine white wall but at the same time cozy with it wooden wicket chairs.

East End Kitchen, opened not too long ago in the Upper East Side, may be a tad pricey, but sometimes that warm, homey comfort is just what you need.

I’ll jump straight to the highlight, which is what they dubbed Edward’s “Lost Bread.” For $7.00, you get a brick of a slice of toasted home-made French brioche, coated with a layer of lightly flamed brulee crisp. One you chip through that sugary crunch, you’ll break into the oozing creme–aka custard batter–soaked deeply into the soft, fluffy brioche.

It’s filling and a bit heavy, but for that age-old brunch dilemma of savory or sweet, this is the perfect “side” to any entree.

Our entrees were undeniably fresh, but to be honest, a bit of a disappointment in terms of presentation and size upon initial glance. I had the shrimp and grits, for $13.00, a mix of poached shrimp and Mountain View Farm bacon with a single poached egg on top of a not-so-generous scoop of grits. None of the four components were anything too out of the ordinary.

Similarly disappointing was Jay’s $13.00 biscuits and gravy. Like my grits, you’d expect a plate of comfort food, but instead find a modest chicken roulade drizzled in gravy, a dabble of scrambled eggs, and two biscuits. Needless to say, he was hungry afterwards.

That isn’t to say this place isn’t worthy of a visit. They seemed to be working out their kinks and if they spruce up the actual entrees a bit, this spot could be something much more.


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