The Dining Room at Anthony David’s in Hoboken

Total Bill: $48.00 for two

In our quest to find a new home, Jay has been trying to ease me into the idea of Hoboken with some more culinary-oriented experiences in the area. That, I’m always down for.

So, we drove over to Hoboken on a bright fall morning and dropped by Anthony David’s right off Washington Street.

Maybe it was fall. Maybe it was the crisp chilly air. But the restaurant was rustic and cozy, emanating the colors and warmth of the season.

It serves up a menu with the most extensive selection of eggs benedicts I’ve seen in a while, and it was so hard for me to decide. I finally opted for the ricotta truffle benedict–a very lightly seasoned pillow of ricotta infused with strong truffle flavors under perfectly poached eggs.

Jay had his go-to brunch item: steak and eggs. You don’t often get quality cooked steak for brunch, but here, it was fresh and perfectly cooked off the grill.

We ended with a box of their aromatic bourbon-soaked donuts, paired with donut holes sprinkled in fine cinnamony brown sugar. You’ll be able to taste the deeply infused bourbon with every bite into the warm, fluffy dough. And it’s refreshing to find it’s not overly sweet.

The serving sizes here remind me good old suburban restaurants. I guess after a decade in the city, anything will seem like a great deal, but it really is here. And it’s comforting for someone soon bidding Manhattan adieu that there’s quality culinary life outside the city.


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