I love fall in the city, but unfortunately that also means less trips to outdoor markets like Smorgasburg. So go while you can!

We went on a rainy day a few weeks back and it was wonderfully relaxing. It had serious food and you can honestly spend a whole day there for full-fledged breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Just take the course of our day for example.

Jay and I started by taking the Water Taxi–which is surprisingly efficient–from east 34th street and drops you off right at Brooklyn’s East River Park, Smorgasburg’s site each Saturday.

We shared a Blue Bottle iced coffee, a really unique bean that brews a naturally sweet coffee, and followed that right up with my favorite goodies of the day: two giant nearly CD-sized donuts. The fluffiest, freshest, most mouth-watering donuts I’ve ever had.  Based in Brooklyn, Dough carts over batches of freshly baked doughnuts to Smorgasburg seemingly by the hour. It probably has the longest line in the morning and their creations vanish from the trays within minutes.

Jay and I had a toasted coconut donut, strong with clean coconut flavors without being overwhelmed by unnecessary frosting. This was my favorite. We had to go back for seconds, and opted to try the cafe au lait donut, again strong with distinct coffee flavors without any unnecessary bells and whistles.

For lunch, we had smoked barbeque from Mighty Quinn’s, lured over mostly by herd mentality. Out of all the more savory stands, this place by far had the longest line. While it’s not the absolute best barbeque I’ve ever had, it sure lives up to the advertised smokiness. The pulled pork and slow-smoked brisket were each gushing with juice, soaking the buttered bun.

With the rain gone and sun beaming by the end of our trip, I ended with a banana soft serve with peanut butter sauce. This was probably the most disappointing item, somehow frozen but not cold, and far too overpriced for such a small serving. It lacked a refreshing feature vital to any frozen dessert, and came off almost more custard-y than chilly.


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