Little Owl

Total Bill: $150.00 for two

There’s a really good reason why getting reservations at The Little Owl during normal dining hours isn’t the easiest task. There are about a dozen tables and a small bar–a tribute to what seems to be an unspoken motto of quality over quantity. The staff is really friendly and the prices were refreshingly reasonable.

But most importantly, the food. The food! I don’t know what to say except that you really have to go try it. Every ingredient is fresh. No seasoning is overdone. Orders are plated with care. And they’re definitely not stingy in their servings.

You’ll read a lot of reviews of their meatball sliders. They’re undeniably good–easily better than those at The Meatball Shop. I can just see them hand-rolling them back in the kitchen. They’re cooked evenly throughout and packed with juicy tomato-y flavors.

But Jay and I both liked the soft shell crab appetizer. Lightly crisp and succulent with natural flavors, they rest delicately over a bed of heirloom tomatoes. The meatball sliders can be a bit filling, so if you want a light start, definitely go with the crab.

Then came one of the most deliciously grilled and roasted slabs of T-bone lamb I can remember ever having. There’s a slight tinge of gaminess which is essential to any fresh serving of lamb. It’s velvety pink inside and I loved it from the first bite to the very last–and it’s a really generous portion. And to top it all off, you’ll get a mound of fresh gnocchi hidden underneath a bed of greens that flawlessly balances out the lamb.

Not surprisingly, Jay went for the pork chop and walked away thoroughly impressed by how juicy and evenly cooked it was from the skin to the center. It’s so easy to find overcooked, dried-out pork chops, but there was no trace of that with every slice closer to the bone.

We ended with a ricotta cheesecake with strawberry sauce. Again, the flavors were subtle, but at the same time pronounced. It’s not your typical densely packed cheesecake, but silky and light instead. The crust was a perfect solid complement to the ricotta and strawberries.

All that said, I feel the praise still doesn’t quite do it justice. Just make reservations well in advance so you can take the time to enjoy your meal here, and you’ll know what I mean.


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