Standard Grill

A very belated entry, but necessary one nonetheless, because we all gathered at Standard Grill a few months back when Tina made her biannual visit.

I’d say it’s one of the more casual venues in Meatpacking, melding a boisterous beer garden with a laid back (yet inescapably trendy) sit-down bistro. Simply because of the location, you’ll pay a premium for what’s on their pretty standard menu. But the staff was notably accommodative when I under-booked the number of people in our party.

The food was plain–nothing terrible but nothing mind-blowing–so I’m going to jump to the one thing I do remember from the meal: The Deal Closer–this humongous serving of bittersweet chocolate mousse served in a big glass mixing bowl and two spatulas.

I’m not normally a fan of mousse, but I didn’t feel like I was chewing on air for this one. It was dense yet smooth, and most importantly, nicely chilled. The chocolate wasn’t overbearing, but somewhat subtle that went well with the chocolate shavings.

For the sake of consistency: I had the Atlantic Wild bass with bits of pistachios. It was grilled too dry and you could tell, done so not with a lot of care. At this point, you should know not to go to Meatpacking for food though (other than Pastis and Spice Market). But if you’re in love with this district and have the munchies after drinking, just stick to the dessert.


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