Restaurateur Michael Bao Huynh has peppered plenty of eateries around Manhattan for any inquisitive eater to explore. OBAO has been around since late 2009, located on a block in Midtown East that has risen as a unexpected row of quality restaurants.

At first glance, OBAO will seem like just another New York City Thai bistro. But a careful look at the menu and you’ll find unique touches to each dish.

Take the pad thai for instance. You’ll get that sweet and tangy taste any pad thai-lover wants, but also find a translucent, softly poached egg nestled in the middle, instead of in scrambled form that’s traditionally mixed throughout the noodles.

Jay’s drunk-man noodles also had a hint of extra spice. It may have took the dish over the edge and a bit too salty, but the fresh chunks of tomato gave it a distinct touch.

All in all, OBAO is a great token thai selection for the neighborhood that offers up a nice, subtle twist to the all-too popular “Spice” thai chain. I wouldn’t go too far out of my way to dine here, however, especially when there are some pretty fantastic alternatives just a few doors down (these entries coming up!).


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