The Shaved Ice Shop

Forget the $20 icees in K-town. Carson’s serving up this classic Asian dessert with a Western touch at his Shaved Ice Shop.

For anyone who grew up in an Asian household, we all knew this wave was coming. It’s the perfect summer fix–soft-as-snow ice topped with light milky syrup, ice cream and my mom’s favorite–red beans. These options are available, but so are some more friendly to the American eye–caramel corn (genius!), granola, frosted flakes, nuts and fruity pops.

Whatever you choose, it’s not overbearingly sweet. It’s relatively healthy if you keep light on the condensed milk. But most of all, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a snack as refreshing and chill-inducing as this on a hot summer’s day.

Check out the site to see where you can find him!


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