Cupcake Stop Truck

$2.50 a cupcake

The cupcake scene has exploded in the past few years, and the novelty of special flavors and toppings is starting to wear thin. And it’s especially frustrating when they slather on gratuitously sweet frosting or toppings. Still, as opposed to patroning the heavy-hitters like Magnolias, I figure if you’re going to take down the calories, why not give some of the smaller guys a shot.

Unfortunately, with all the competition in Manhattan, the Cupcake Stop Truck may be charging just a bit too much for too little creativity. Jay and I shared their toasted almond cupcake, which I found to be surprisingly dry. The cupcake as a whole was relatively small, and the icing on top was a thick, heavy, ice-cream-like scoop of sweet butter cream. The bits of crunchy almonds didn’t really do much to redeem it.

Long story short, less is more these days when it comes to cupcakes.


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