Alice’s Tea Cup

Ah, scones with clotted cream and strawberry jam on a lazy Saturday morning. Jay and I made a pit stop to Alice’s Tea Cup to pick up these delectable treats before heading off to Central Park a few weeks back.

This is the quintessential girlie girl’s tea party venue, and I doubt Jay would have wanted to brunch there. So instead, we picked up two fluffy scones — one blueberry, one caramel — generously sized, on our way to the park.

The crusty external was almost glossy with a subtle layer of sugar, while the inside was airy.

I would have preferred a smaller portion for a lower price tag, but it’s not every day you find such an array of flavors. The quality at Tea & Sympathy in the West Village and The Scone Pony in Spring Lake is still a tad better, but gal’s, the vibe inside in something really unique–if you’re into the Mad Hatter sort of thing.


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