Momofuku Ssam Bar: Revisited

A dinner and a movie date night with Anny brought us back to our always-reliable never-failing-to-impress Momofuku Ssam Bar.

Of course, the menu was tweaked, giving us the opportunity to try something new. And always in the mood for lovingly-prepared lamb, I couldn’t pass up the chance to try Momofuku’s spin on this meat.

And to my surprise, it offered up the luscious lamb two distinct ways. One, your standard, but in very tenderly-slices slabs of roasted lamb loin. Second, a cross sectioned block of lamb belly that gives you a whole range of textures from crunchy skin to velvety fat.

No, it’s not your healthiest dish, but that’s something you should happily forgo on any special visit Momofuku. And just as a tangent, Bridesmaids was hilarious.


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