ABC Kitchen

Total Bill: $60.00 for two

Kimmy and I–or to be fair, Kimmy more so–has gotten the wedding planning well under way! We met at ACB Kitchen for a lovely little brunch before meandering through ABC itself for registry prospects.

ABC Kitchen and its charming organic menu offered the perfect touch to start the day. The rustic yet contemporary restaurant matches its aura with truly comforting food. Its barren branches and whitewashed chairs make it seem like some sort of winter wonderland, but then its vivid lighting offer a hint of summertime.

Regardless of what you make of its cozy atmosphere, the menu is simply uplifting.

Kimmy had a simple, but caringly-prepared bowl of scrambled eggs, which she ask to be made runny. The fluffy and porridge-like bowl wasn’t just any bowl of eggs. It has punches of flavor that’ll surprise you. And accompanied with fresh, crunchy home fries, it’s probably the most worthwhile plate of eggs and potatoes to spend money on outside your kitchen.

Same goes for my eggs benedict. Two soft poached eggs, plumply resting atop slices of ham. But the best surprise of our meal was the jalapeno biscuits with bits of cheesy cheddar. It was toasty on the outside, and warm and fluffy within, loaded with punchy flavors of spice. I would be happy with just a basket of these biscuits and a cup of their finely-brewed latte.

I don’t often re-frequent brunch spots, but this will be one of them…especially on the upcoming hot summer days, when we’re in the mood to shop for some equally-soothing home decor.


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