Montauk, New York

Oysters and clams have never tasted so good! Fresh from our backyard, a bunch of us spent a relaxing weekend in Montauk to catch the first hint of summer. Despite some rain, there was more than enough time to wade out to the lake just out back and voila! caught our own breakfast, lunch and dinner! 

Raw over ice, sizzling from Derrick’s charcoal grill, or simmering in Janet’s garlicy moscato stew, whatever way we had it, the clams were incredibly fresh and juicy. Off the grill, you didn’t need a single bit of additional seasoning.

But of course it wasn’t just pounds and pounds of shellfish, there were fresh limade and mojitos (and beer of course), while Paige and Derrick made their much-loved burger patties, oozing with grease and topped with cheese.

Then there’re the guys spending way too much time trying to get the fire going, but eventually got our fair share of s’mores and hot dogs by the end of the trip. With that, I’ll let the pictures do it all better justice.


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