Out of Town: The Surf Lodge Restaurant in Montauk, NY

Total Bill: $97.00 for two

Dinner at the Surf Lodge was an all-too serene way to end our mini-excursion out to Montauk. I’ll give you the whole lowdown on how we started our summer in the next entry, but Jay and I rounded out the weekend with a quiet little dinner here, which is led by Top Chef contestant Sam Talbot.

The timing was nice as it was just about sunset, and the pink and orange in the sky really bled all over Fort Pond. Somehow it all matched the color scheme of Surf Lodge, with its casual white-washed benches and wicker decor.

Anyway, the food popped visually, although Jay had second thoughts about the taste. I’ll start with the sashimi tuna tostadas, where there was no dispute about how surprisingly punchy the flavor was. The delicate assembly of each chip and the fine dicing of each component were very much appreciated.

The cocktails were fantastic too. I had the Strawberry Fields–a really light spritzer infused with intense strawberry flavor and aroma.

Already stuffed from the hundreds of clams and oysters we caught on our own, we opted for menu items as far off shellfish as possible. I had a duo of fish tacos–fresh and seasoned refreshingly light. It was accompanied with a bowl of steaming black beans and roasted corn on the cob. Despite the vibrant colors, the flavors were well thought out and contained. My only complaint would be the cotija-cheesed and chili-peppered corn on the cob–already perfected by Cafe Habana–being a bit too subtle.

But surprisingly off-putting was the burger that Jay ordered. The onions and fried egg were fine, but bite into the burger, you’d think they accidentally dropped it in a bag of salt. It was really unfortunate, and I have a hunch it had to have been a mistake, but the patty was just too salty to finish. The dish’s saving grace, however, was its fries–fresh, crunchy and luckily salted just right.

From there, we shared an uber-creamy peanut butter cup ice cream. I swear it’s thicker than Haagen-Dazs and if you left it under the sun, it’d take a while to melt. Three scoops was just enough, packed with mini peanut butter cups, to finish the meal on sweet but not overly-indulgent note.

Montauk is chock full of wonderful restaurants banking on the area’s fresh seafood and serene views. While the Surf Lodge might dominate the Fort Pond shoreline, there are also plenty of cozy eateries and family-style restaurants sprawled along the northern ocean coast that offers a deeper menu.

Surf Lodge definitely hits the spot for the younger, trendier audience, but for the real deal on food, stick to the classics up north.


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