Norma’s at Le Parker Meridien

Oh no, what has happened to Norma’s.

We used to love this place in our college years, not only for its bright and stylish setting, but because its generous brunch portions were legitimately good. The ingredients were fresh, the colors on the plate were vibrant.

But our latest visit back in February showed a much duller side of this once vivacious scene. The eggs were browned, the hollandaise a droopy blob. The lobster mac and cheese, while tasty, was a monotone dish, while the mushrooms were plopped sadly across the plate.

They go through the gestures of “fresh” squeezed orange juice and complimentary shot of fruit smoothie, but it seems like an empty shell that has been way too commercialized and tainted by trend seekers. The experience is far from what it was once was, which is sad, because the space and experience was so incredibly alive.

There’s a notable lack of care that goes into their dishes, and if my memory serves me correctly, the menu prices seemed to have ticked up a bit too. I hate to say, but Norma’s has surprisingly been unable to stand the test of time, falling victim to the fast-paced culinary turnover of New York. The once coveted Norma’s brunch is now very much yesterday’s news.


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