$140.00 for two

It’s been five years. Crazy to say, but that was the last time Anny and I were at Bond St. just before senior week bowling night. It was pricey then, and now that I’m doing what I love, but making less for it, it’s just as pricey five years later!

But it’s worth it for the reminiscing alone, and now, it feels safe to say that I can appreciate the cuisine a little more.

I started off a surprisingly impressive steamed egg custard. True to Japanese form, it was light, delicate and airy, but smooth without a single hint of air bubbles. Chunks of plump lobster sunk to the bottom, topped with a melting slab of luscious uni.

A lot of adjectives, I know, but believe me, it’s warranted.

And to satisfy my lamb craving–yes at a Japanese restaurant–I had the grilled rack of lamb…laced with fat! It was juicy with shiso and mint sauce, accompanied with a crunchy yuzu potato gratin and juicy poached pleated Asian pear.

It’s a pretty heavy entree, and I’d definitely recommend sticking to a more Japanese specialization. They have an assortment of sushi rolls and fish–one of which was Anny’s broiled sea bass marinated in miso. Using Nobu’s famous miso cod as a benchmark, this one bass is juicier and far more generous in size. I’m not saying Bond St. over Nobu, but aside from the food, it’s definitely a trendier vibe.


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