$65.00 for two

Yes! Another French bistro, and this time, I feel comfortable saying the meal was outright delicious! And that’s because, this time, it stuck true to the French tradition: butter butter butter!

Sorry no pictures since Glor and I were enjoying their outdoor seating at dusk, but Matisse is really a scrumptious Midtown East gem. We shared an array of veggie, but fragrantly flavored dishes, starting off with a duo of “salads”: vinegary red beet chunks and pureed caviar eggplant. Both were wonderfully seasoned and refreshingly light for a summer’s evening.

But light would be the last word to describe the rest of the meal. You’ll have to just give up any inhibitions and indulge.

An iron cast pan of baby ravioli pillows stuffed with cheese were practically swimming in a pool of butter, sprinkled with chives and parmesan. It was a perfect appetizer portion to share, given how heavy it was.

Glor also picked the tarte tatin that comes highly recommended from several reviews. Paired with a petite salad, it was an entire in-tact onion in caramelized form, soft and lightly sweet. And like a bowl, it entombed a bed of creamy  goat cheese, all sitting pretty on a gently burnt puff pastry.

Lastly, but not least, we had the buttery mushroom risotto with crunchy bits of asparagus. The tinge of bitterness in those greens were a welcome contrast to the luscious pool of velvety rice. As I’ve said many times over, it’s hard not to love any well-cooked risotto, but it’s just that much better when the rest of the authentic French dishes on the table are just as good.

I’ll admit I’ve passed Matisse numerous times walking up and down 2nd avenue, without giving it a second glance. But it’s definitely caught my attention now. One other noteworthy point: Glor and I each had a monaco–beer with sprite and grenadine syrup! It’s a tad sweet, but boy, so simple and so good. I’ll be making that at home from now on.


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