We gathered at Kingswood on a frigid winter’s night to celebrate Caroline’s 27th birthday!

I’ll admit it’s been some time since I last dined out, but I was pleasantly surprised by its neat balance of trendy hustle bustle and rustic coziness. The bar housed a flurry of Friday night party-goers, but all the buzz is quite contained, giving the seated diners a unlikely sense of calm within the West Village scene.

We had the mushroom risotto to start — a plate of juicy grains packed with an assortment of sliced mushrooms. It was natrually buttery, but just consider it a necessary evil that comes with good old risotto.

There was also the baked truffle mac and cheese, a little lacking on the portion given the price, but delicious nevertheless. Yeah, it’s hard to go wrong with mac and cheese, but there was a certain refinement to this one. The crispy edges were my favorite and the noodles were firm and not suffocated in too much cheese.

And for me, it gets better. I got the rack of lamb special, which I dare to say is among the best lamb I’ve ever had. Sounds dramatic, but I’m actually quite a lamb fan and it’s difficult to find it in medium-rare form without that gamey tang to it. Yes, there is still that special hint lamby goodness that would drive any non-fan nuts, but it’s subtle and, in this case, true to its nature.

The cook here did fairly little to corrupt the protein. Aside from some season broccolini and silky mashed potatoes, it was simply all about the three chops of lamb, succulent to the core.

And with that, I’ll say I also enjoyed the dessert, although they were no match for my main course. The flan is thick, thick being a good thing, while the donuts were fluffy and warm.

Last note, and it’s definitely worth mentioning, is that the reservationists I dealt with here were extremely accomodative! I really called one too many times changing the date and size of the party, so extra kudos to that!


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