Fat Radish

Total Bill: $49.00 for two
It’s not too often I trek down to Chinatown for brunch — in fact, never when it comes to a contemporary British meal. But to my pleasant surprise, Fat Radish is not only comfortingly rustic, but offers up a menu filled with fresh, original, and not to mention reasonably-priced creations. First off, you can’t ignore the juice bar.

Not usually one for wheat-grass and health juice purees, these are unique in their wonderful blends of bold veggies and natural fruit sweetness. The colors are vibrant — deep green of the kale and blood red of the beets — and in startling contrast, the juice is incredibly light and exceptionally fine.
My favorite — the kale and apple juice — had tremendous balance, where you can smell the freshness of the greens, but taste the sweetness of the apple.
Jay had the almond and flaxseed smoothie, which I wasn’t so fond of, but that he enjoyed being that it tasted like a nutty version of his protein shakes.

But on to the food! I loved loved loved my avocado toast and spicy eggs. It caught my eye straight away, being that every word in that phrase is among my favorite culinary words. The avocado spread was chunky and fresh, topped with cilantro, Asian hot sauce, and two very pretty eggs over easy.

Jay had a traditional full English breakfast, complete with baked beans, crunchy toast, bacon, grilled tomatoes, sausages, and eggs. While none of the components were particularly groundbreaking, as a whole, the dish definitely fell right into the overall framework of
fresh ingredients and clean presentation.

While the setting I think is particularly conducive to brunch, with the muted overhead skylights brightening up the cozy space, it has piqued my interest in what they might have to offer for dinner. It’ll be a different vibe for sure, but given the quality and care they put into thrill brunch, it might not be so out of the question journeying to Chinatown for an English dinner.


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