Total Bill: $45.00 for two

It was very much like the calm before the storm for me when we headed to Maialino for brunch Sunday morning.

We had a couple hours before football, and more importantly, it was my last weekend before re-entering the labor force. Little did I know that I’d get snowed out the next day, which was actually quite a tease since I had gotten myself so mentally prepared by then.

Ironically, the snow that would push back my start date was also what made for a beautifully calming brunch. Maialino is homey in and of itself, but add the drifting snow over the solitary park lined with leafless trees, and you’ll get this amazingly picturesque scene beyond the full windows —  all which makes you want to drink lattes and munch on toasty croissants for the rest of the day.

And that’s how we started off, with the brioche caramellato, a toffee glazed brioche from their wonderfully aromatic bakery. It was sweet and crunchy on the exterior and surprisingly spongy within. It was a perfect pairing with my soy latte, which I actually finished and noticed how attentive their baristas were because the bottom of the mug was clear of any residual coffee grains.

After that, I had the Amatriciana Al Forna — two softly baked eggs embedded in spicy tomato sauce and guanciale. It came out steaming and the fresh tomato sauce was just spicy enough to give your morning eggs the right kick.

Jay first off, had his side of bacon. These were serious Pancetta Al Pepe thick cut bacon covered in black pepper. With that he had an egg white frittata with all the fresh local ingredients this place is known for.


We were honestly a little surprised when the check came out — definitely lower than what we expected. Maialino not only lives up to the great Gramercy brunch scene, but offers up a friendly staff and snug ambiance that is making this the place I’d recommend to anyone in the area.


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