Total Bill: $97.25 for two

We’ve been so couped up at home that I made it a point to drag Jay crosstown one Saturday night to one of my favorite dessert bars —  Kyotofu.

Anny and I frequented this sweet little shop during our days on the West side. But these days, all the press has naturally commercialized the place a bit, and even created a wait time at the door.

It wasn’t our intention to order anything savory, but not having had dinner, we figured we’d indulge. The mac and cheese was fantastic, but who can really hate mac and cheese. The sliders were suprisingly unique, with a slice of refreshing cucumber hidden between the buns. But our mistake came in ordering the “pigs in a duvet,” which tasted like the ones that come frozen in a box on our ski trips.

Anyway, I went through those quickly because you really should skip the salty and stick with the sweets here.

My favorite, still to this day, remains to be the black sesame tofu. You have to love the natural taste of plain tofu to appreciate this, but the side of sugar water and bold hits of herbal black sesame rounds it out perfectly. Don’t add the whole decanter of syrup and it’s actually not an unhealthy dessert.


We also had the warm miso chocolate cake. It’s nearly a souffle, with a soft mochi center and dashes of sweetness and saltiness when dipped in the pool of caramel miso sauce underneath. The dish may be a little too bold, especially when compared to the tofu, but great for any chocolate lover.


All in all, come here for their dessert menu. It’s unique with that bit of Japanese flair and lovely sake pairing suggestions. My personal favorite is the sweet sparking sake, called Hou Hou Shu, that comes in the cutest 300 ml star-ridden bottle.



It’s by no means a venue for every day snacks, but definitely a charming place to satisfy the occassional sweet tooth!


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