Wild Edibles

Total Bill: $69.87 for two

Just a couple blocks from our apartment, we’ve frequented Wild Edibles’ mini seafood market plenty of times to buy fresh fish and scallops for quick home-cooked meals. But last Friday, we finally decided to check out just what they have to offer from their own kitchen.

To start off, if you live anywhere in the vicinity of 35th Street and 3rd Avenue, make this place your source for pollock ($11.99/lb), tilapia ($12.99/lb), and large scallops ($27.99/lb). They’re not just fresh, but comes as a part of the seafood sustainability program as well, informing customers of how each species is sourced and harvested.

As for the restaurant, the fact that an ice-filled display of raw fish and oysters just a few feet away may seem odd, but actually adds to the venue’s overarching theme of fresh, environmentally-sound seafood.

We started with the yellowfin tuna tartar. Succulent but light, the soy marinade has a tinge of sweetness and pairs well with punches of sourness from the mixed-in capers. The cut is chunky, but each piece is, again, fresh and consistent is size and texture.

I had the crisp campfire trout. I loved the concept of shaved apples, toasted walnuts, and smoked bacon, which all together went perfectly with the slightly burnt trout skin. While the filet is naturally thin, it’s still an entire half of a trout that’s about a foot long. While light, there’s no way you’ll walk away hungry.

Jay had the swordfish cubed and roasted on skewers, strung alongside cherry tomatoes and bell peppers and drizzled with balsamic. Maybe a little steep in price at $16, but it’s about right for swordfish in general. But I’d say stick to their whole fish and pastas to get the most out of what they specialize in.


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