Total Bill: $80.00 for four

Halftime at j-school, and we managed to find one night to meet up for dinner and a much-needed reflecting session. I met Archana, Eva, and Christina at Counter, taking a break from work and all those story assignments.

Catching up on Eva’s exciting ventures at work and the rest of our…let’s call them adventures…at school took center stage, making food pretty much secondary throughout the night. But by the time the chatting subsided, I realized the food was actually pretty good!

First off, my cucumber spritzer with a spoonful of honey was the perfect post-work hangover. Called the non-toxic avenger, it’s not only peculiarly refreshing, but it actually feels like you’re purging the stress out of your system.

While Counter offers strictly vegetarian entrees and organic wines, the Mediterranean menu still presents quite a variety. I had the Farmhouse Panini with walnut-lentil pate and rosemary aioli spread between soft rustic Italian ciabatta, with a side of wild arugula salad. For $14, this was beyond a “panini” and more like a full-fledged sandwich.

Counter’s unique flavors and reasonable prices warrant a fan base far beyond vegetarians and the health-conscious. Somewhat buried among the boisterous variety of East Village eateries, this is definitely worth a visit even if it’s just to try out their cool cocktails and organic wines.


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