Total Bill: $87.10 for two

In the mood for something new, Jay and I decided to try out Chado, a sushi joint just a few block away on 36th Street and Fifth Avenue. 

Unfortunately, the elaborate decor and flashy website turned out to be a complete mismatch with the food they actually served. Despite fancy offerings like the crispy soft shelled crab and miso-glazed sea bass, it fails to emulate Nobu and the quality of its dishes are at best on par with your everyday Japanese take-out.

We started with the crab, which lacked any distinct flavor despite such punchy colors. The fried coating made the whole thing a bit greasy and raw carrots really demoted the dish.

The special kamikaze maki was fresh, but nothing extraordinary. While the raw jalapenos were a nice touch, the spicy tuna on top was a little too dense and somehow seemed to be a drag on the overall taste.

The 7-piece salmon chirashi over rice turned out to be our favorite. Again, really nothing special at $20, but at least the rice was seasoned nicely. A la carte, each slice of sashimi averaged $4 a piece — pretty outrageous for even the high-end sushi spots.

Our last entree was probably the most disappointing. The Chilean sea bass glazed in miso was dry and uninspired. Accompanied by blandly steamed broccoli, carrots, and green beans, the three thinly sliced pieces of fish came out unevenly seasoned and overcooked.

I’d recommend to stay away from this midtown trap. Even if you’re looking for something more upscale than St. Marks but can’t bear the bill at Gari or Yasuda, there are plenty of sushi gems throughout the city that will put forth a lot more passion and creativity on their plates.


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