Friedman’s Lunch

Total Bill: $30.00 (including tip) for two

Sigh, the last weekend of summer in the city.

To make the most of it, we strolled the Union Square Green Market and made our way over to the Lobster Place at the Chelsea Market for Saturday night’s dinner.

Between Anthropologie and staring at all those beautiful Eleni’s cookies, we decided to stick around for brunch. We ended up at Friedman’s Lunch since I wanted my breakfast eggs and Jay wanted a hardier lunch.

So he has his Friedman’s Burger — a dense juicy patty between warm toasted buns with thick strips of bacon. The garlic fries were also fresh and crispy.

But even better was my Southern Eggs breakfast.  A neatly presented platter of four scrumptious components. First, my two eggs — poached of course.  Next, and my favoirty, the creamy cheddar grits with spicey dashes of jalapeno. I wanted to mix everything in with it!

Then there was the butter bisuit that fluffed up almost four inches high, accompanied by some sort of sun dried tomato butter. And to top it all off, classic fried green tomates — sure a bit greasy, but wouldn’t be a southern dish without it.

Under Chelsea Market’s constantly evolving scene, Friedman’s fits right in with its fresh ingredients and laid back environment. Don’t mind the couple minute wait — in fact, make use of it and tour the olive oil filling station or Ronnybrook Milk Bar just a down the hall.


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