Quality Meats

Total Bill: $700 (including tip) for an extravgant meal for four

I don’t mean to scare you off with the total bill up front, but it’s always full disclosure. And be assured that for a party of four, you can easily spend around $300 without all the bells and whistles.

But here’s how our meal went down. Jay invited a recent friend and colleague out, and there’s nothing better to bring people together than a solid steak dinner.

Quality Meats offers that perfect balance of great food and refined atmosphere. You’ll find the traditional cut selections on the menu, but realize when it’s all served that each item’s presented with its own special flare.

We started with each of their available types of oysters from the raw bar, which came with a set of house sauces. The light green pesto was my favorite, although there’s also the traditional cocktail sauce, vinegar, and tabasco.

Other shared appetizers included a juicy raw tuna le bernardin — an entire slab of fresh tuna on top of a large toasted crostini. Then there were the amazingly plump seared scallops resting on a bed of creamy sweet corn puree.

Now for the highlight of the night!

The 12-ounce filet mignon is presented in its solitary glory on a prestine white dish. Sides are served independently, not to distract the eater from his or her finely cooked cut of meat.

Mine was medium rare of course, which at Quality Meats meant a juicy pink center that slides right off when met with a knife and melts slowly in your mouth.

They have a house sauce that they concoct before your table, which includes a nice hint of rosemary, but should be completely unnecessary given the distinct seasoning encrusted around the steak.

As for the sides, they don’t skimp on these either. We shared two beautifully-made corn creme brulees, with creamy sweet corn resting underneath a thin fire burnt shell. We also tried the gnocchi and cheese. Who knew a steakhouse could produce such quality gnocchi blanketed in a light cheese sauce.

So by this time, we’re all already uncomfortably full, but couldn’t give up the prospect of their “dressed-up” ice cream selections. Pictured above is the coconut ice cream, lightly sweet with small bits of coconut pulp, topped with a toasted macaroon. My flavor of choice, however, ended up being the strong coffee ice cream, topped with a tiny chocolate donut.

If you ever end a main course here with room for dessert, I’d recommend going for these fancy scoops for a refreshing, frosty contrast to rest of the meal. Other sweets like the warm apple and peach tart is probably just overkill and nothing too extraordinary.

And after all that, you probably won’t be craving anything for the next couple days.


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