Out of Town: Scone Pony at Spring Lake, NJ

Total Bill: $3.00 for a scone to share

So Jay and I escaped the city for a couple days to Spring Lake, New Jersey for a little beach action. And amid yet another gluttonous summer weekend, we found the delightful Scone Pony right at the end of town.

Unfortunately, we were only able to enjoy one out of their variety of scone flavors. They open at 8 in the morning, close at 4, and by the time we mosied on over at 1:30, there were only two vanilla bean scones left! But it’s by far one of the freshest, fluffiest, most mouthwatering scones I’ve ever had — which is why this single pastry warrants an entry of its own.

The quality of the scone will hit you by surprise, as these British biscuits are usually crustier and easily over-dried within. But not here. It’s warm and almost cake-like on the inside and the soft glaze that drapes the brittle top-side glistened as if it were still oozing when in fact it had formed a thin, crispy shell.

The lightly sweetened vanilla layer makes any jelly or butter spread unnecessary. And upon breaking into the baseball-sized pastry, it doesn’t break down or crumble as scones usually do.

We saw firsthand how this bake shop’s goodies were made fresh and daily as its kitchen lights were still beaming as we strolled through town long after the sun had set. Aside from vanilla, they also offer maple walnut, mixed berry, blueberry, lemon poppy flavors and more. And in addition to their specialty scones, there were also cupcakes, pies, macaroons, and even whoopie pies.

Scone Pony’s definitely a must-visit on your way to this quiet strip of the Jersey shore.


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