Abe & Arthur’s

Was it really six months ago that we bid farewell to Tina? Well off she goes to Taiwan, on the second leg of her placement, and she made a little stop over in New York to say hi. And no visit would be complete without a nice meal.

Originally headed for the Standard Grill, we redirected to Abe & Arthur’s to cater to a larger party.

While I can’t judge whether that was a good move or not, A&A’s was a relatively lax and accommodating environment for a Meatpacking restaurant. The venue was formerly a club called Lotus, but transformed into a deep-golden open seating area.

First off, the drinks were good (but naturally pricey). My champagne was light and refreshing and other items on their cocktail menu were pretty creative.

I opted for two smaller dishes – first tuna tartar tacos, which came with mini hard taco shells and a scoop of freshly diced tuna on top of creamy guacamole. You construct the taco yourself, and while the ingredients don’t look like much, five baby tacos as an appetizer is actually pretty filling.

All together, the dish may not be anything spectacular, but individual components was fresh and thoughtfully prepared.

The three beet goat cheese salad was just as fresh. Although small, the deep orange, red, and maroon beets were visually vivid and, more importantly refreshing for an early summer dinner. But guys looking to fill up should probably treat this as a side.

And of course truffle fries to share never hurt.

Overall, you’ll probably find this place on par with what you’ll find through this trendy district – Spice Market, One, 5 Ninths, Pastis. Those that last have craved themselves a distinctive role in this area’s culinary scene. Only time will be able to tell if Abe really offers something unique that gives them an edge to survive in this high-turnover neighborhood.


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